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High-Quality, On-Time, Affordably-Priced – Pick Three

Solidify Manufacturing defies the status quo as a domestic contract manufacturing partner that exceeds expectations on quality, delivery and price – every time. Willing to invest in the resources needed to streamline efficiency and drive down cost, we are committed to setting up each program for success by creating the optimal combination of process, environment and technology.

With expertise across a wide range of capabilities, including injection molding, blow molding and thermoset molding, we bring the holistic perspective to manufacture high-quality parts across many applications and the discipline from our 80/20 focus to know where we can produce the greatest sustainable value for our customers. We don’t want to be everything to everybody or anybody. We just want to crush the competition and be the very best contract manufacturing partner on those jobs where we drive the greatest impact with our decidedly better high-volume molding efficiencies.

Quality is Our Autograph

Discover how quality isn’t just something we strive for at Solidify Manufacturing – it’s who we are at every stage of every process.

Having the discipline to identify programs for which we can provide the greatest value is how Solidify Manufacturing maximizes resources to serve customers better. Our advanced, custom processes and upfront planning and investments allow us to deliver high-volume, long-run efficiencies that we pass along as significant cost reductions to our customers. Following the 80/20 principle, we focus on performing efficiently on programs allowing us to beat the competition – on cost, quality, delivery and value.