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With a broad range of capabilities across a wide variety of disciplines, Solidify Manufacturing accurately diagnoses customers’ manufacturing challenges to develop unique solutions.

Applying the appropriate capability to each specific application allows us to set up each job for optimal efficiency and success. Strategic planning and upfront engineering enable our team to determine the ideal, dedicated production environment – including equipment and automation – to invest in for the greatest results.

Industry Experience: Industry-agnostic, we are focused on disposable commercial parts for a range of Consumer & Industrial industries that include:

  • Plumbing
  • Medical packaging
  • Consumer goods/personal care products
  • Industrial applications

Our Approach: Specializing in single part, single press, long runs, we provide a measurable benefit to customers through a refined focus to understand the processes and parts that drive mutually beneficial results for customers and the company.

Customer Success Stories: For more information on how Solidify Manufacturing applies its expertise and experience to drive results for customers, take a look at how we’ve done it for customers just like you.