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Employee Stories


Aaron Snow

Manufacturing Engineer
Earning trust, gaining responsibility

After high school, I bounced around for a while – different locations, jobs and classes, too. Eventually, I had an opportunity to work at Solidify Manufacturing as a temp. After my first day, I proved myself and they were willing to give me a chance. It’s been like that ever since – every time I prove myself, I’m given additional trust and responsibility. This has led me to working in numerous positions throughout my time here, and I enjoy the variety and working with different people along the way.

And that’s another thing about working at Solidify Manufacturing – the people. You’re not treated like a number here. Owners walk around, know your name and say “hi.” It really makes a difference when you can enjoy going to work every day and get along with everyone in the company.

Solidify Manufacturing has invested in training for me, and I’ve been given numerous chances to continue my career growth here. I’m not sure many other companies do that. It’s been a really great fit for me since Day 1.